Impulse IQ Adjusting Instrument Boiling Springs, South Carolina

Let’s face it, not everyone likes to have a hands-on, manual adjustment. The “popping” or “cracking” sound that sometimes accompanies that type of adjustment turns some people off and for that reason they stay away from chiropractic care. With the Impulse IQ Adjusting Instrument, anyone can experience the benefits of chiropractic without the “popping” or “twisting” of the traditional hands-on, manualtechniques. The Impulse IQ Adjusting Instrument is a patented, FDA registered device that provides gentle and precise computer-aided chiropractic adjustments to correct subluxations, relieve pain and restore function

Impulse IQ Adjusting Instrument

Extreme Speed
The Impulse IQ is twice as fast as other adjusting instruments and 100x faster than manual adjustments. The gentle thrust is faster than the body’s tendency to tighten up and resist the adjustment.

Controlled Force
Impulse IQ has three different force settings for different parts of the body and to treat patients of all ages. The controlled low force thrusts make treatments comfortable.

Computerized Adjustment

High-tech computerized adjustments with Impulse IQ precisely measure how the spine is moving during the treatment so that just the right amount of care can be provided. A micro-computer housed within the instrument produces a controlled force while at the same time providing feedback in real time about how the area being adjusted is responding. Once optimum joint motion has been achieved, the instrument automatically stops thrusting. Impulse IQ adjustments are safe, effective and comfortable for everyone.

What Can You Do?

Contact our office at 864-814-2222 to schedule an initial consultation with our Doctor to determine if you are a candidate for care with Spinal Decompression. After carefully studying your case history and exam findings, he will sit down and explain his recommended plan of action for you. After answering any questions you may have about the recommended plan, you may begin your care with Carolina Chiropractic